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MTGGoldfish, MTGO-Stats, The Metagame & Stats

Last week, Albert shared with you a post about MTG Goldfish. This is a great site for many reasons. It is easy to navigate and it is plenty of information for almost all Rares ranging from Legacy forward. If you haven't had a chance to check this site yet, or missed the post, I strongly encourage you head on over to MTG Goldfish and have yourself a look. 

One of my favorite features of MTG Goldfish is the breakdown of the Metagame. I won't get into what Metagame is, as I believe the article "What is the Metagame?" by Jeff Cunningham does this superbly. Another great source I’ve found for this is MTGO-Stats. It's relatively similar to MTG Goldfish in what it offers in terms of information. I offer them both as pliable solutions, so that choose. Quite simply, you may prefer one layout over the other for what we are going to be looking at here.

There are a great many things that can be taken away from these sites in regards to helping increase our profits, while also helping to benefit our clients. Take for example (at the time of writing this) your standard G/R aggro deck (MTGGoldfish Link | MTGO-Stats Link). Let's see what type of information we can pull from the above sites and how it pertains to our bots. Below is a screenshot from MTGGoldfish.

In the upper left hand corner of the image, we can see that this listing of cards comes from a sampling of 113 decks which make up roughly 17.71% of the Metagame. That means that out of all the decks that are currently being played (in the Standard format) using this archetype and color combination, you and/or your clients have a chance of seeing this deck almost at least once out of every 5 times (actually 5.6, but nobody plays 60% of a game).

So now that we know that, what do we do with it? Well, it's simple...find the most played cards and make sure we have them available for our customers! Let's take a look at the first card shown, Stromkirk Noble. Looking to the left of his name, we see that 100% of the decks use a full set (4) of this card. Great... Now what? 

Here are a few great ideas about how to use that information:

  • Increase the buying price of the card up using the PersonalPercentages.txt file. Offering a higher buying price for cards will attract more sellers. Your profits might be smaller, but your trades may increase with new business. I recommend using the PersonalPercentages.txt file as when the CardsMTGO3.txt prices change, your card will be updated as well, but adjusted according to your entered percentage amount. Simply entering a value in the PersonalPrices.txt file would not allow this to happen, keeping your price static (although, that may be what you want; this article is simply about giving you [new] ideas and is in no way a recommendation on you should run your bot(s); that is ultimately up to you).
  • Adjust the number of cards you keep on hand. You can edit the PersonalPrices.txt file (leaving out the buy/sell prices and only entering a quantity of each line for the desired card(s), as seen below:

    ISD;Stromkirk Noble;;;;;8;0

    The above line, entered into your PersonalPrices.txt file will tell MTGO Library Bot to buy up to 8 regular and 0 foil version of this card, leaving the price at whatever it was set at before. This will allow you to have a second set readily available for the next customer. Keep in mind though, increasing your buy count may decrease your liquidity (number of tickets on hand [buying power]).
  • Update your sale prices. I won't make a recommendation either way as to up or down. This depends a lot on your bot and the rapport you/bot has with client. Using the price to the right of the card name divided by the number of cards being played in the deck, will give you an idea of what the current average of this card is. In the above picture, 4 cards at a total of 8 tickets implies that this card is at an average of 2 tickets. Searching a few sources (don't be afraid to shop around), we see the following prices:
Providing competitive prices and available quantities is key and will help you to provide a one stop shop for your customers where they can feel good about the entire experience of both buying and selling! This, my friends, is are just a few of the many ways we as bot owners can utilize the provided information.

Have suggestions, comments, questions and/or feedback. I'd love to hear them!

Jimmi (aka b1nary0mega)
The b1naryb0t network (b1naryb0t, b1naryb0t_bulk, b1naryb0t_trade)

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