Saturday, June 29, 2013

RAMDisk the next step in performance (Part1)

Hello everyone.
This week I am working on more tweaks of my virtual machines configuration.
My goal this time is to run 12 bots using less than 2gb SSD space (yes, 12 bots using less than 2gb disk space).

I will be running the 12 bots from 2Gb of SSD space and using a 1GB RamDrive/RamDisk. (wiki)

Ramdisks have amazing performance.

This will be performed by creating a Virtual Machine with 1.5gb Disk stored on the SSD, installing a super light version of windows XP on it and then make linked clones of that VM. The trick will be in the fact that the MTGO Library bots folders will be stored in my SSD, shared over the network. That way any modifications made by the links will be stored and saved.

The 1GB (or less) Ramdrive will be to store the MTGO Folder. This will grant amazing loading speeds of the client, resulting in a much more faster response. This one will also be shared over the network, and all bots will open MTGO from this folder, which means when its time to update your MTGO, you will only need to download the 200+ files once.

I will do these tests during this week and soon let you know the advantages/disadvantages.
Thank you.

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  1. That sounds absolutely amazing. Looking forward to hearing how it goes. Good luck! hope it work well.