Thursday, June 13, 2013

Spotlight on the Horizon

With the spotlight on the beta client done and over with there are a few things many players are discussing. One of those things is the death of Magic: The Gathering Online. While I certainly doubt a transition to a new client will be the demise of magic, many people do believe that the buggy and unfamiliar client will make their collection worthless.

We Don't Like Change! Or do we?
This aversion to change is a common human response that usually diffuses when familiarity is obtained once again. We are creatures of habit and habit can be retrained easily. The majority of people who become upset with these changes to their routine will quickly adjust and acclimate to them. In fact after quite a short time they will become so comfortable with the new client that they will prefer it and the process to resist change will begin again.

What Does This Have To Do With Me Mr. Author?
I'm glad I made you ask me through conveniently placed bold titles! Those people who act on their impulses will be trying to sell off their collection at a reduced rate to flee the ‘sinking ship’ that is Magic Online. This presents a great opportunity for bot owners to buy up collections to stock their bots at a pittance of what they would normally pay for them.   The players who wish to offload their collection will be happy to have something tangible when they walk away from the game and the buyer will be happy to take the risk for the prospect of great gains.

What Are The Risks?
There is an element of danger in buying a collection speculating that the future of magic and the online card economy will endure. However, the risk to an observant individual is very minimal. We’ve made transitions between clients before and many people will tolerate the awkwardness to continue making use of Magic Online because it is so convenient for casually picking up a game of magic.

Put It All On Black!
Because of the spotlight creating such a fuss in the community the moment is ripe to buy up collections at a reduced price. If you’ve never bought a collection before it may be a great opportunity to add that pillar to your emerging botting business model. Branching out to add collection purchases to your botting acumen could prove very rewarding and I encourage you to explore your options. What are your thoughts on the beta client? Do you buy collections; will you be keeping a sharper eye on the market with the impending ‘threat’ of a forced transition to the new client? Post your thoughts in the comments!


  1. if it aint broke don't fix it

    I don't wanna use the new client!!

  2. I wonder why wotc cannot do like Blizzard and World of Warcraft. They have one client and deal with it with updates and patches. They do not develop a new client every 5 years. It's really a waste of money: one could invest the same amount of money in making v3 better (or v2, or v1) with Continuous Integration