Sunday, September 8, 2013

Changes that were suppoused to kill Magic, part 2

Starting a new format - Type 2, known as Standard brought huge response from players. Remember, at the time, that there were no formats — just Magic. And from now on part of my cards become obsolete. How could it be? It was widely discussed. Old format was called Type 1 - Vintage.

To start with I must explain that first sets of Magic were printed in small numbers so that some players were not able to get all the cards they wanted. So, WotC thought it would be very kind to release set Chronicles full of reprints. The problem was that Wizards didn't think through the impact that reprinting old cards would have on the value of the existing cards.

Wizards drew a conclusion from this uncontrolled supply of cards and they made a promise that certain cards would never get reprinted - Reserved List. Players booed this decision because access to old would be hindered. Over the years Reserved List has remained and Wizards honor its promise.

Couple of years later, with a release of Urza's Legacy, Wizards introduced foil cards. Of course, even after such change people predicted a near end of our favorite card game. People complained about the look of new cards and fact, that Magic was making a change it didn't need.

However, these complaints were nothing in comparison to complaints about enormous change in rules after Sixth Edition, where we faced for the first time stack, numerous rules went away, and the sequence of the turn was tightened up. It fundamentally changed the way the game was played. I believe this change created the loudest outcry from the public.

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