Wednesday, September 25, 2013

MTGO Library Bot 5.98

ML Bot 5.98 has just been released. This is a big update containing many bug fixes and improvements.
  • First of all, the Autotransfer modes can now take up to 400 cards. Before 5.98 the limit was 75, legacy of the old trading system.
  • The curl crash (image on the right) has been fixed and won't happen again
  • MTGO sometimes crashes displayin a number of "different errors"- all with a white mtgo icon (image on the left). ML Bot 5.98 is now able to close these errors and restart
  • There is an error when launching Mtgo named "Magic the Gathering Online: Start Failure"  (image is missing unfortunately). ML Bot 5.98 recognizes that error too and correctly handles it


Please don't hesitate and report here ( any crash you find, I will fix it as soon as possible and release an update


  1. I really want see bot version via screenshoot,now i see only v5.9...

  2. Don't forget to write me ( as soon as you find other errors!

  3. also note "Restarter.exe" wont update your bot anymore. Run kicker.exe.