Thursday, September 19, 2013

Quantitative Easing (Part 1 of 2)

If you were watching the US Stock Market (DJIA) on Wednesday Sept 18, you noticed something a little weird.  Just after 14:00, the DJIA went up about 200 points in about five (5) minutes.  All the experts said that this spike was due to an announcement by the Federal Reserve that they are going to keep in place their policy of Quantitative Easing.  (QE)

So what is this Quantitative Easing anyway?  In a nutshell, it is where the government simply prints money. By this, I do not mean currency which is used in day-to-day transactions.  This money is being created out of thin air, by pressing a button and bank reserves are now increased digitally.

If this sounds unconventional, you would be correct.  This was first tried in Japan in 2007 and three (3) rounds of QE have been done in the United States.

So what is the purpose of QE The purpose of QE is to keep the inflation rate above a certain threshold.  Why keep inflation above a certain point?  Doesn’t increasing prices make it harder for workers to make ends meet and doesn’t it lower the quality of life?  Absolutely.  But the government fears deflation even moreDeflation is where prices fall and if left unchecked, can collapse an economy.

Let’s discuss QE and inflation in terms of Magic Online.  If WotC decided to give every account 261,384 tickets, what would happen to MTGO?  The prices would jump out of whack for some period time but eventually the prices would stabilize.

Such a move would be chaotic but it is far preferable to the alternative: a deflationary effect where each card drops in value every day.  Why buy a card today when it will be cheaper tomorrow and cheaper the day after that?  While we do see such things happen in technology, we do not fear the deflationary effect because there is a new “top end” item that is being produced, be a new car, a new phone, or in MTGO, new sets.


  1. It's worse than printing Money out of thin air. The "Federal Reserve Note" is the Currency that the "Federal Reserve" prints. Now lets get into this ,after I make it clear that the Federal Reserve is a Private Owned Business.
    This Privately owned Business tells the "Government" it is going to "print" more Money. The "Government" now has to PAY have the Money Printed! Now to Pay for this , the "Government" now Borrows Money From The Federal Reserve ,so they can Print the Money FOR the Federal Reserve.
    I am in the wrong Business. Lets make sure you got this straight.
    The Federal Reserve Tells the "Government" they are going to Print more money , so "Government" borrows Money from them , to Have it Printed. Then They now get to use this Money that the "Government" just payed to "Manufacture" so They can make money off it.
    The "Creator" of the "Central Banking System" said. I care not who controls the "Government" of a Country. He who Controls the Money Controls the Government.
    Oh ,to make it even better. The "Federal Reserve" was passed during a "Holiday" and Most all of Congress was gone. They had a handful of paid off politicians vote it in and implement it. It's so easy to see when Criminals commit these Crimes but nobody stops them.
    We are indentured servants and we don't even know it. The war to break away from England started over a 2% Tax. You look at all the Taxes you pay and it's 50% +. That doesn't factor in "Taxes" like "Mandatory Insurances" and 1000 other "hidden" taxes.
    Don't bother to say throw the bums out and Elect new people. Elections have been "rigged" since 1934 When a Handful of the Richest Americans and Foreigners were outed before Congress by Smedley Butler for arranging the overthrow of the government. He testified before congress. They agreed he told the truth ,then did nothing. Also check Black Box Voting. They don't even count your vote anymore.
    The Golden Rule. He who has the Gold makes the Rules.

    1. Oh.I Remember why I came here , before I got distracted and went off on that tangent.

      I wanted to contact the "Makers" of the bot. I have sent a return email but didn't hear back.

      I can "Fix" SO Many issues. The main Problem is NOBODY "sees" them or knows what needs to be "Fixed"

      Like the reason I'm here and posting in the "wrong" forum. I clicked "Contact" us. There were some options , 1 was "Blog" I came here and I don't see a "Contact" us.

      I worked for United Artist , RomStar and Capcom. I was a Game Tech , Manager , Areas Manager , Lead Tech. , Game Tester and Consultant.
      Now as a Game Tester and Consultant. The reason they Loved me was. My fixes were Easy to Implement and had amazing results. It still amazes me at what people don't know or see.
      I pointed out several things I though were common sense and the Head of CapCom looked dumb founded. He couldn't believe what I told him. He acted on my advice and they tripled their Business that year.

      I could do this for a Number of Companies. I could do this for Blizzard , WoTC and MTGO Library.
      JUst I am never able to get in contact with the person I need to talk to. I guess I follow what seems to be the obvious routes and end up wasting my time at dead ends like this. I mean really. I click a "Contact" link and get lost here?

      Maybe this post will have some "separation"? The 1 above looks like 1 big blob. Sorry. But trust me, It was Informative , if you investigate it for yourself. That's the key; Always do your own Research and Thinking. Stop letting people tell you what to do and think! Wake Up!