Thursday, September 12, 2013


How much profit do your bots make?  Do you even know?  Do you even know how to calculate it?  Why is this even important?  This is important to know because you never know when opportunity will come walking your way.  It is also helpful to track trends and can help you anticipate opportunities.  If you know there is a period of heavy trading, you can increase the prices of your cards.  If you know there is a period of low trading approaching, you can mark down your inventory and advertise a sale.

But first you need to know your bot's finances.  How do we do that?  For this example. We will use a simple LITE bot which buys rares at 2 per ticket and sells them for 1 ticket each.  Now for Monday, this bot bought 20 cards and sold 18 cards.  So what is the profit?  The bot purchased 20 cards, costing 10 tickets and sold 18 for 18 tickets.  10 from 18 yields an 8 ticket profit.  Do this for the other rarities and you have your bot’s profit.

Doing this for the PRO bot is done the same way.  It just is a little more complicated because of the arithmetic involved.  But the math is the same.  If your bot purchases 10 tickets worth of cards and sells 18 tickets worth of cards, then your bot made 8 tickets worth of profits.

I can already hear the objections.  This does not include the rental fee.  You haven’t lost money as the tickets are not lost, just went in inventory,  Your method does not take into account price fluctuations.  Your analysis is not even applicable because one part of my bot chain is used to refill other parts of the chain.  This doesn't even consider computer hardware, maintenance or operating costs.  

All of this is absolutely true.  This is why you need to customize everything to your specific situation.  Fortunately for us, the website has a feature which tells you the value of your collection.  Track your collection total over a period of time and this will give you a rough estimate of how much profit your bots are making.

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  1. New collection buyprice value + New Tix amount + Direct sales(Paypal/etc) - Paypal fees - Old collection buyprice value - old tix amount - PC Maintenance costs - eletricity used - other costs