Wednesday, January 15, 2014

MTGO Finance tips of the week

I am running a short weekly MTGO Finance show on and I am doing a short financial segment on the weekly podcast Pauper to the People.

I figured I would share my picks with you this week.

Sell cards that have already spiked in Modern

Despite my general advice to keep any Modern cards until Modern PTQ season begins in June, some cards have just spiked too much not to sell them. If your Modern cards have gone up 200%, sell them, buy on the rebound and then sell them again in July. Prime example. Fists of Suns and Remand.

Buy Pauper
This weekend may have been the best time ever to invest in Pauper. If the Premier Events keep firing like they did this weekend, we are looking at 900-1000% possible gains in a year for some cards. Focus on the 15-40 cent price range with cards such as Curfew, Unearth and Coral Net. More expensive Pauper cards such as Daze has more limited upsides but generally most Pauper cards seems to be good investments right now if Pauper stays as Active as it is now (which is far more Active than when all the prices dropped - and there were Flashback Drafts on top of that!

Don't call shots and expect to make a long term profit

Also, remember that shotscalling is much less profitable than acting on major cyclical trends on Magic Online.

Here is a brief explanation why you will not be earning money by Calling what the next hot card in Standard will be:


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