Sunday, January 5, 2014

MTGO Library Bot 6.41

We are proud the announce the second release of the year, ML Bot 6.41.

We continued the work began with 6.40 and improved the speed of the bot. Again we focused in particular on the trade opening phase and cut this time down of another 2 seconds. Your bot will be able to format the trading interface and accept commands in no time even on slow a computer.

We also fixed a MTGO freezing problem. Sometime MTGO just freezes: the cpu goes to 100%, everything is stucked, the bot and all the other softwares are still alive and works but they cannot do anything because all the computational power is drained by MTGO. In fact they can do something, but everything they do is very slow.
When this happens, ML Bot 6.41 just kills mtgo and restarts it. The detection of a freeze is somehow a "delicate" thing, so the bot waits 130 minutes before a restart, in order to be totally sure it's a real freeze and not "something temporary", such as a window stucked in front of the interface, an antivir request or a windows update request.


  1. Even Better, I am glad to see speed improvements on v3. Whats next?

  2. There is a bug, the bot doesnt summit correctly the Message Board.

  3. It does summit, Manuel, but then it clicks on "EDIT" a second time (and thus reopen the box). It is intentional. The bot submits the message but then reopen the tab. Why? So it can be faster in posting the "busy" message during the trade :-) . It's a little trick