Saturday, January 11, 2014

MTGO Library Bot 6.42

With ML Bot 6.42 we continue the path started with versions 6.40 and 6.41, further increasing the operational speed and the reactivity of the bot. In details we rewrote the Csv creation and the Classifed opening phases. These phases used to take 30-40 seconds, while now takes 2-3 seconds. The opening of the Classified Board now clicks on "Home" and then "Trade" rather than using the "Menu"

We also fixed a minor bug regarding the launch of MTGO. The bot looks for the MTGO "Launch" buttons in three different locations on the screen and, if ML Bot is not minimized, the bot can click on its own interface and alter the settings.

ML Bot 6.42 inserts also a "system freeze" timer: if the whole system freezes, ML Bot tries to recover it


  1. I guees there is bug on XP, after the bot updates the CVS the MTGO client crashes, on W7 works fine.

  2. Hello Manuel, we fixed it! Thank you for the report. All the XP users have just to update their bots to 6.43