Sunday, April 6, 2014

Cards to buy right now

There are a lot of Flashback Drafts on Magic Online these days. Right now, today, you should be picking up your Scars of Mirrodin cards. A block usually bottoms out the weekend AFTER the draft ends. Next weekend you should pick up your Odyssey Block cards.

I just noticed that if a card is currently not being played, the Flashback Drafts affect it a lot more. I knew it did, but it has become even clearer lately. 

Compare the graph of Caged Sun here (only played casually)

with Inkmoth Nexus (played in Modern right now)

That means that people are now aware of this effect and a lot of speculators and players are picking up their InkMoth Nexuses. You, the smart finance person, should then pick up all the cards that are not being played right now that are crashing due to the Flashback Drafts.

Having said all that, here are some very concrete pickups that you (or your bots) should invest in.

I have been using the principles from this article to create my list below: : ttp://

I have picked up the following cards over the weekend:

Beast Within at 0,30 tix
Caged Sun at 0,30 tix
VI Fireblast at 0,55 tix
VI Funeral Charm at 0,21 tix
Inquisition of Kozilek at 0,53 tix (it has gone up)
Kaervek's Torch at 0,15 tix
Life's Finale at 0,07 tix
Mark of Asylum at 0,07 tix (This is based only on the Brainstorm Brewery tip)
Molten Rain at 0,15 tix
No Mercy at 0,6 tix
BOK Sowing Salt at 0,3 tix
Spinning Darkness at 0,28 tix
Staff of Nin at 0,07 tix (This is more speculative)

Tectonic Edge dipped down a lot for a very short while but it has not gone up far too much already.

Hope you find this useful. If you have any finance tips you wish to share, please let me know.

Also, a special shoutout to this excellent MTGO Finance blog that I discovered this morning:  Check it out.


  1. Also just sold my Tarmogoyfs at 96 tix each (Future Sight drafts starts on Wednesday, Goyf is just a rare in the set) and would recommend picking up Grand Abolishers at 17 cent

  2. Hey Dan, glad you are still writing this stuff here.

    1. I got banned from some bots during the NPH drafts from buying so many cards. Managed to pick up lots of cheap Mirran Crusaders, Meliras, Dismembers. Fun times

    2. Nice! Mirran Crusader did not have enough upside for me and I already have some Meliras. She just never goes up for some reason. I did pick up some Dismembers, but only for play and a few extras. Thanks for reading.

  3. Mirran Crusader, though, was a great call. I wish I had made that call 8 days ago. I did not think it could go up that quickly