Wednesday, April 9, 2014

MTGO Library Bot 6.74 - make 4x tradable

As promised few days ago, we released today ML Bot 6.74, introducing a much-awaited feature, the "make 4x tradable" option. The new option is available on the General Tab of the bot GUI.

So far, you could only choose to "make all your cards tradable" at the end of the trade, but this looks unprofessional to customers especially when your collection is not balanced and you have, for instance, 10x of a card on a bot and 1x on another. Now you can choose to make "4x tradable" (or 1x, 2x, 10x, 32x) and cards in excess will be hidden. All your tixs will be still all tradable, they won't be capped to 4x.
Talking with a botter some weeks ago, he told me that the psychological on customers is huge: they say 19x tradable and don't buy - they say 4x and buy.

Technically speaking, the bot performs the required actions between trades after 20 seconds of  inactivity from customers. This is an empirical rule to assess that the bot is not busy trading repeatedly with a customer. Please note that this behaviour is slightly different from the old "make all tradable" that was performed at the end of each trade.

**UPDATE: if you have a large collection, Mtgo will limit to 2500 different cards the "make all tradable option". If you are experiencing this limit, just wait tomorrow and we will release a workaround **

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  1. This is absolutely Amazing! You just keep improving an already excellent Product! Thank you, Albert!