Monday, October 27, 2014

Virtualization - How to setup a virtual machine - v4 - Bot manual

What is a virtual machine?
A virtual machine is a computer inside a computer that allows you to run a fully functional Operating system or in our case a bot without interruption of your main computer. 

How many machines can I run on my computer?

This all depends on your computer specs, typically each virtual machine takes about 1 CPU, 2.5gb of ram, and 20 gb of hard disk space. Keep in mind you need to keep 1 cpu and 4 gb of ram open for the main operating system. 

How do I set a virtual machine up?

Here is a step by step guide on how to set a fully working windows 7 virtual machine on your system with the bot installed and ready to go using Vmware workstation 10. 

Step 1: Download our windows 7 virtual machine image. You should use this download manager from Microsoft to download the vmware image because file is very large. Just tell the download manager to download the file: . Unzip in a location a common location.

Step 2: Download Vmware workstation 11.  You will need to create an account (this is free).

Step 3: Install VMware Workstation 11, Please contact us on how to acquire a cd key for VMware workstation 11.

Step 4; Open the virtual machine you downloaded in step 1. You need to know the location of this file, click on the little blue file that ends in extension .vmx

Step 5: When prompted Click I copied this virtual machine. 

Now you have a full working virtual machine, if you need to make more than one you can just clone this one to make it easier. Use the diagram below for a reference. 

NOTE: You will need to change permissions on the ML Bot folder to allow files to be written there. 

How to Clone your bot:

Step 1: Right click the bot , manage, clone,

Step 2: click next.

Step 3: Clone from the current state in the virtual machine.

Step 4:  Clone Method: Create a full clone

Step 5: Choose the name and location  and click finish 

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