Sunday, February 15, 2015

Music and productivity at work

Appropriately selected music to our daily duties can have a significant impact on how we perform. In this post I'm sharing with you a set of songs that will improve your productivity at work.

One of the key components of high productivity is our state of mind. As you know, the music directly affects on our state of mind. Studies show that the corresponding sound can increase our level of concentration. Of course, listening to a good song itself does not cause, that you will suddenly start doing your job well.

Listening to music you like is pleasurable, it will not only make the task seem more fun but as research shows, it can actually help you complete the task faster. Without a doubt music helps in many areas of our life, for instance with intense exercise (anyone who’s ever been inside a gym could tell you that). While setting MtGO bot prices you may listen any kind of music. If you’re working on something that you have done many times before, even if it’s complicated, your performance can increase and errors become less likely when you listen to music you like. On the other hand, you shall stop listening to music if you are learning something new. With immersive tasks, lyrics are especially destructive to our focus. So, instrumental music is the best choice for intellecutall work. As far as, nowadays most of jobs are services I will present you a some instumental songs, if you enjoy it check other songs of the artist. Feel free to add your suggestiones in comments.

- Tom Middleton: Yearning
- Twentyeight: Monday Night
- Fell: Bright
- Vibraspehere: Ensueno
- M-Seven: Future you
- Kodomo: Concept 1
- Paul Kalkbrenner: Azure
- Emancipator: Greenland
- Soundtracks from movies, e.g Hans Zimmerman

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