Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The MagicGatheringStrat podcast

Even though this is episode 1 of the podcast, it really is not a new podcast. We used to call it the Standard Pauper Show but found that the format was a bit too narrow for a full-length podcast.

I am one of the co-hosts. The main host is Brennon Rankin, the hugging care bear of Standard Pauper and my third co-host is Sam the VaultBoyHunter, the master of Player Run Events.

I did start out as a guest talking about the Pauper Gauntlet but now that S02 is over I just overstayed my welcome, became a host.and Brennon & Sam are too nice to kick me out.

What is this podcast about?
We still cover Standard Pauper (the cheapest format on Magic Online) but we now also talk about Magic in general with a focus on cheaper formats such as Pauper and the formats used in the Player Run Events (PREs).

Starting with episode 2 we will cover Pauper Classic Tuesdays, my favorite PRE at

There is also general tomfoolery and the occassional outburst in Swedish.

What are Player Run Events?
Player Run Events are free to enter tournaments ran by players (often sponsored by Bots so that you can win prizes despite the events being free).

Marcos Rodriguez will tell you more about the PREs here:

How can you find the MagicGatheringStrat podcast?
We are on itunes:

We also upload every episode to the youtube channel MagicGatheringStrat

Twitter: @MagicGathStrat
Twitch: MagicGatheringStrat

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