Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Modern Bible of RG Tron chapter fifteen - Sideboarding: Chalice of the Void

This week we will talk about Chalice of the Void.

Chalice of the Void is a bit dangerous for us as we have many 1 CMC cards. Despite that, we will sometimes cast it with 1 counter on it.

Note that I do not recommend you running this card in any of the sideboards I have presented so far. I only included this chapter as there is a great many players that like Chalice of the Void as a sideboard card for RG Tron.

I would listen to someone making a case for playing Prophetic Prism instead of some number of Chromatic Spheres if you intend to main deck Chalice of the Void.

This is the Converted Mana Cost (CMC) you should hit with Chalice of the Void
If a second or third number is included that is the number you should set your 2nd Chalice of the Void to.

Abzan: 2
Affinity  0, 2, 1
Boggles: 1,2
Burn: 1  (Chalice of the Void is a really big Smash to Smithereens target in this matchup)
Eggs: 1,2,0
Eternal Command: 4
Gifts: 4,2
Hatebears: 2,1
Infect: 1,2
Jund: 2,3,4
Living End: 0
RDW: 1,2,4 (4 only for Sowing Salt)
Scapeshift: 4,2
Splinter Twin: 3,4
Storm: 2,4
Tron: 3,7,6
UWR Midrange: 2,3
U/x Control 2,4,3

If you want to add any deck to this list, please do so in the comments

For a full list of the chapters of The Modern Bible check out this link:

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