Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Modern Bible of RG Tron chapter sixteen - Main deck cards you should never play

Tron is a very tempting deck. You have all that mana. Surely you can play XXX where XXX is a random expensive spell. That is not the way. This week I am going to list some of the common trap cards that people come up with. Do not play these cards in your main deck.

Blood Moon: This might look weird but there are actually deck that are hurt much more by Blood Moon than we are. I still don't think we want to play maindeck Blood Moons like Blue Moon does. They still hurt us too much.

Bonfire of the Damned: This card is way too slow to save us from our bad matchups.

Lightning Bolt: There might be a metagame where this is the right call but normally this should be Pyroclasm (and possibly a small number of Firespouts). We are not interested in 1-for-1 removal. We are not playing the Abzan value game. We are going for 3-for-1s or 4-for-1s!

Kozilek, Butcher of Truth: This giant guy seems to be a fine replacement for Ulamog or Emrakul but he definitely is not. This is not the way we win. We are not in need of four cards. We are in need to cards that protect us or that win the game. Both Ulamog and Emrakul do this. Kozilek does not.

Platinum Angel: If we can protect the angel with counterspells he becomes much more useful. This is a card for Mono Blue Tron, not for RG Tron. We are better than this.

Platinum Emperion: While he is harder to kill than Platinum Angel he is still not what we are looking for. If our opponent has zero removal this is of course the nuts - but what deck in Modern has no way to deal with creatures that cost 8 mana?

Tarmogoyf: Some people have tested this instead of Pyroclasm. It has not caught on. I am fairly sure why although I would really like to test it.

Tooth and Nail: This belongs to another deck with another philosophy. A much worse deck. Do not fall into this trap.

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