Monday, August 24, 2015

Why am I so disappointed with Magic right now?

Hi Everyone!

I get asked why I'm so disappointed with Magic right now a lot lately. I constantly badmouth Wizards grab for cash with the changes to standard, the weak Origins set that isn't anything that even appropriately closes the 20 plus years of core sets. It's just another set focusing on the planeswalkers, probably because "the focus groups really like planeswalkers". The big one lately is the BFZ spoilers.

Everyone gets all excited about full art lands and whatever else but let's look at what they've shown us. They have shown us weak spoilers that I think don't compare to the cards from the original Zendikar.

Therein lies the problem. The problem being that Battle for Zendikar is not Zendikar. Look at Mirrodin. There were some problems with Mirrodin and players didn't like the "ravager" deck. There were some power level problems. So when it came time to come back around to Mirrodin they went in a different direction.

Ravnica was a well loved set, yet still, the return was "different" than the original. Now that we're back to Zendikar they are again "doing something different". The problem here is that Zendikar is really loved. Zendikar was what players wanted sets to be. Using the name "Zendikar" to do something different will usually result in there being some dissatisfaction because the benchmark was the original Zendikar and the return needs to be as good or better to satisfy players. I just don't think it's even close to as good as the orginal.

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