Sunday, August 30, 2015

Zendikar Expeditions

A few hours ago the PAX Prime Battle for Zendikar took place and some spectacular facts were revealed about BFZ. Wizards introduced Zendikar Expeditions which are 25 premium foil full-art lands randomly packaged in Battle for Zendikar boosters. Approximately as rare as opening a foil mythic, meaning your chance is 1:432. Five of them are the new dual lands from Battle for Zendikar (take a look at photo on the right). The other 20 are two ten-card cycles: the fetch lands and the shock lands. Twenty more Zendikar Expeditions promos will be in boosters of the second set of this block ("Sweat"). They are all numbered as part of the same, 45-card set. These cards will be legal to play in draft and sealed if you open them, but not in Standard unless they also have a normal printing in a Standard-legal set.

Let the hunt begin.

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