Sunday, August 9, 2015

MTGO Library Bot 10.08

It's summer but the mtgolibrary team is at work and is preparing some new tools you will see right after August. In particular with ML Bot 10.08 we are preparing the field to move the "Prices & Margin" tool on the Online Control Panel. This will happen on September and will have several practical benefits:

  • you will be able to adjust the prices and the margins for many bots at the same time. The current implementation forces you to copy and paste the settings for each bot
  •  you will be able to change the setting without stopping and restarting the bot - updates will be delivered and will take effect immediately
  • there will be a finer grain control over rarities and prices, allowing to better follow the market
  • the controls will be on a webpage - the layout will be clearer and easier to use than the current one on the bot client
The current settings will be copied online (they are already copied online indeed) so you will not have to type them twice.

ML Bot 10.08 fixes also:
  • an overbuying problem happening when using shared inventories
  • a program crash rarely happening when downloading profit protection from the server
  • a problem causing the bot to be unable to pause/unpause by pressing CTRL+C
We hope you are enjoying the summer and return back from holidays fully recharged :-) 

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