Wednesday, September 23, 2015, say it isn't true

Hi Everyone,
Today I wanted to talk about something that's really been bugging me lately. It seems like a lot of videos on channelfireball showcase how bad magic online really is. It's subtle, beyond the "educational/entertainment" value of the video.

It's just everything that's bad about Magic Online. Luis Scott-Vargas has said on stream that he wanted to draft but didn't want to trade because the trade interface is so bad.

Yet, when someone says anything even remotely bad about magic or not liking a set or anything Wizards has done, it seems to be sort of, let's say, "not showcased".

It's great that CFB and WOTC have a great business relationship (I'm sure they both make tons of money from) but it seems like a situation I'm reminded of often.

This is obviously just my opinion and I could be totally wrong but I think it's a little tacky that CFB has access to many of the most popular pro players yet censors them when they don't drink the cool-aid.

It reminds me the time a business expert and their manager (not an expert at anything, only the manager because of the inability of the higher ups to recognize the manager should never have been made a manager) were sitting in a room and the manager asks the expert about a problem, the expert stated the problem, went over the major details relevant to the problem, and gave a solution that addressed all major details (and most minor details) about the problem. Well, the manager (who shouldn't be managing) did something else...wait...what? He (or she) didn't do what the expert said regardless of fool proof logic and expertise? Yes.

This happened because the manager didn't understand the subject like the expert (the non-understander being a manager is irrelevant to the story).

I think pro players (who are expert magic players) being censored is as bad as the above story. I think the pros can identify and articulate problems with the game better than most of us can. I think we're getting cheated a little when that gets suppressed.

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