Thursday, September 24, 2015

MTGO Library Bot 10.31

Yesterday Wotc released a MTGO update that limits the binder size to 50'000 cards. This applies to the active trade binder as well and means that if you have 60'000 cards in the collection, you can make only 50'000 tradable and you have to keep the other 10'000 untradable.
If you try to add one extra card you will get an error message.

ML Bot 10.31 has been released with that in mind. The bot respects the 50'000 threshold and will make tradable as many cards as possible, below 50'000. It will read your collection first and will make tradable as many different cards as possible. If, for example, you have 49'999 Lilianas, 1 Jace, 1 Garruk, the bot will make 49'998 Lilians + 1 Jace + 1 Garruk tradable (not 49'999 Lilianas+ 1 Jace).

In general we suggest to balance the collections among your bots and avoid having collection greater than 50'000 cards. You should take your time and transfer out some cards if necessary

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