Tuesday, September 8, 2015

How do those cause-effect relationships work?

Hi Everyone!
Arid Mesa
I wanted to write about something that makes me chuckle a little bit (I know, almost everything makes me chuckle a little). But seriously, Battle for Zendikar.Specifically the special "Zendikar Expedition" land cards.

They are an obvious attempt to print non-standard in demand cards without tanking modern card prices like Modern Masters and Modern Masters 2015 did (oh yeah, and to make more money for Wizards by making ZE cards super, duper rare, for the record, more rare than power 9 cards from Vintage Masters).

So, are the ZE lands going to be outrageously expensive or will everything else be cheap? Are these lands going to be popular enough to cause people to buy so much BFZ that there is an abundance of every card in the set...Or are these lands really going to just be a "treat" at the rate of one per case?

My guess is somewhere in between. I'm not sure what's exactly going to happen but I have been thinking that it's possible that the additional demand from ZE cards makes everything in the set (excluding ZE, obviously) super inexpensive.

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