Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Modern Silverblack League

This is an invitation to come join me and my closest friends (i.e. my YouTube viewers) in a Modern Silverblack League.

What is Modern Silverblack?

Modern Silverblack allows cards printed at the common and uncommon level (black and silver rarity symbols, you see) in Modern-legal sets.
We will be following the official Modern banned list.
What does the League cost?
The League is free. There is no cost.
Can I win anything?
Yes, Cardhoarder is sponsoring us with $50 in price money.
How do I sign up?
You can follow the link below to sign up. You have to do so before October 9th.
The format is really fun. We have done a league with it before and it was very popular.
Feel free to come join us for some Silverblack fun.
Here is a video of my friend Brennon playing Ninja Bear in Silverblack vs Pauper legend Deluxeicoff.

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