Sunday, June 18, 2017

New products

Jul 14th - Hour of Devasatation
Aug 25th - Commander 2017
Sep 29th - Ixalan. All we know so far is that Pirate Vraska battles Dinosaurs.
Nov 10th - Duel decks: Merfolk vs Goblins
Nov 17th - Iconic Masters
Nov 24th - FTV: Transform and Explorers of Ixalan. Explorers of Ixalan will be a new board game and has the following: 4x 60-card decks, 20 double-sided tokens, 50 game tiles, 40 counter pieces, 4 deck boxes.
Dec 8th - Unstable: silver-bordered card set
Jan 19th - Rivals of Ixalan
Mar 16th - 25th Magic's anniversary: 25th anniversary–edition Masters set
Apr 28th - We return to Dominaria with next large set
Jul 20th, 2018 - core sets are back into Magic

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