Saturday, June 3, 2017

Draft: missing rarities

Do you check for the missing rarities while drafting? Propably not. You will find out soon, why you should pay attention even to pick four or five in booster packs. One of the best commons in Amonkhet is Final Reward. If a rare and 2 uncommons are missing from a pack the signals you are getting are cloudy, because there are many uncommons and rares more powerful than Final Reward. But let's say you get Final Reward and eleven other cards. However, a rare and 2 commons are missing. The slight chance that there were a foil card always remains, but irrespective you are getting a strong signal. Final Reward is one of the most desirable common to any player in the draft, meaning it should be picked early. So, the fact that 2 commons have been taken over Final Reward means that players on the right are taking worse quality cards to force a color. If a person is willing to fight so hard over a color, the same person will be very unlikely to switch colors later in the draft. Find the open color and go that path. Paying attention to the finer details rewards.

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