Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Confessions of a Botter; Part 1

My phone rings on a recent Friday evening..
Hello?” I answer.
Hey man, I really need you to come over and it is not to play games. I need to talk.” my friend pleads.
Hold on a sec.” I reply as I switch back to the prior call.
Thirty seconds later...
I need to sell of some Magic tickets.”
So you're not coming over?” my pessimistic friend concludes.
Oh, I'm coming over. I'm meeting the guy over at the gaming store down the street from your house. He'll give me the cash and he'll get his tickets.”
Didn’t you just sell him some a couple months ago?” he inquires.
Yup. 200 last time, 300 tonight.” I cheerfully reply, knowing my wife is going to be very pleased with this influx of cash coming in during the Christmas season.
You're not kidding, are you?” he inquires.
Nope. And this is good timing as well. Between Christmas, birthdays, yearly bills and other associated expenses, my wallet dreads this time of year.”
I really need to get into something like this.” my friend despairs.
With that comment, I end the call. I went over to the gaming store, met my customer and made the exchange. After some small talk, I went to my pessimistic friend's house and showed him the cash, not so much to rub it in, but more as a trophy, a prize.
So how difficult is it to get started and how much time does it require?” my friend asks as I arrive at his place.
This is the start of a nice two hour conversation that touched about everything we botters experience and absolutely none of what my friend had intended when he called me earlier that evening. The summary of which we'll get into next time.

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