Monday, February 20, 2012

ML Bot 4.82 is out!

MTGO Library Bot 4.82 is out, featuring a better connection with the webserver.

This will result in less trades missing in the tradelog (the 18th February was a very bad day about this!).


  1. yeah.. I've had a handful of trades which bot completed without saving credits change, I was able to fix it manually by checking the chat history and confirming the trade actually happened.
    Do you think someone is using bots to Pull all cards results of WikiPrice and that can be causing the server to lag?
    maybe making it requiring a Login and a limit of 100 searches per day or so could fix it if this was the cause.

  2. I am still investigating why the server was so laggy on 18th. I really would not want to "close" wikiprice (by requiring a login, or a maximum amount of card, or a gotcha) but if forced I will