Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Running bots using minimal resources (Part 5 of 6)

Hello, on these series I will help you on how to setup a bot or multiple bots.My main focus will be not on how to configure and install everything, but on how to save as much memory and resources helping bot users with slower computers to experience a performance boost.

part 1  Virtual Machines
part 2  Operative System
part 3  Operative system Tweaks
part 4  Required software
part 5  Keeping resources to a minimum
part 6  Hardware recommendations and Conclusion

Part 5:  Keeping resources to a minimum

Automatic Price updates
Updating prices automatically can save you hours of adjusting prices, my recommendation is to set it for more regular updates just before, during and after new set releases and less regularly in between.

MTGO Weekly Maintenance
This is a crucial couple of hours. you can use this time to delete all extra logs/temps/screenshots, reboot your main machine, defrag main machine drives and VM's Drives (Solid state drives do not require defrag) also the best time to check your main pc's updates, specially the ones that require to reboot.
You can download programs that let you set times to do all these functions without requiring to touch a single key but that takes time and a lot of effort to set it all up, but surely worth it if you want to leave your bots on for months without any assistance.

On these breaks I usually take 15-30 minutes to clean my computer dust filters, give the system a good general check, such as water cooling levels, dust, temperatures, etc.
Just make sure your computer doesn't look like the "Before" one below :)

 Soon I will give you my best Hardware recommendations and complete this series on how to run bots using minimal resources.

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