Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Equilibrium Point, Part 1 of 2.

In the last series, I had told of a conversation I had with a friend about getting started into the botting business. While I was explaining the fee structure to him, a thought had crossed my head.

When a bot is new, say making only a handful of trades a day, it makes sense to use a pay as you go system. Likewise, if your bot does like 100 trades per day, it makes sense to pay for a defined time period.

But at some point, there is a point where it does not matter which method you choose, where there would be no difference in either method.

For those of you who have taken formal economic theory, this is a fairly common type of problem. I also will leave this as a “homework” assignment for the intellectually curious and next time, I will solve this problem: at what point should you switch your fee structure? What is the equilibrium point?


  1. I would say when the total fee paid on the end of the month is > than the 0% fee monthly price.

    as a example, Lite bot for 2 years cost like 70$, i was paying up to 12$ fee every month since my bulks are very busy, only made sense to get a lifetime license since thats what I'm paying "per year" without the 0% license, oh and because Albert is super-cool pants and deserves it :)

  2. x4dow- Hi, I am a new bot owner, running 2 pro bots; 1 buying and 1 selling. Through the course of these first few months, I have acquired a pretty significant amount of bulk. This has inspired me to explore the possibility of opening a 3rd bot which would be a lite bulk selling bot. I have questions about it though, would you mind giving me a little insight as to how much product, proper prices, general start-up advice on setting up a lite bulk seller? Thank you so much, in advance!