Friday, February 10, 2012

Confessions of a Botter (Part 2)

Last time I recapped a conversation I had with a friend who inquired about how he could get into this businesses.
So what do I need to get started?”
First off, you need an account to place your inventory in. I would suggest getting a bot name from Wizards of the Coast for $10. It also separates your collection from your inventory so you can play without having to move cards around and not having to play a deck because your bot doesn't have the requisite number of cards.” I state.
Plus” I added. “having a `bot' in your name leaves no doubt about you being a bot. The stigma of dealing with bots is long over as anyone who spends any time on the Internet has dealt with them, whether willing or not.”
And where do I get the cards for inventory?” my friend asked.
The quick way is to buy a collection from Ebay. That requires upfront money. If you just stock up with tickets and go that route, you will get a collection but it will take some time before you have a large enough inventory to warrant decent daily sales.”
I then spent the next lot of minutes going through the details of the slower method of obtaining an inventory. Do you start with just Standard, Extended, or go with everything?
Next time, I'll be continuing this conversation.
By the way, in case you were thinking about computer hardware being one of the first things to have to start a bot, my friend has about a dozen computers which are in perfect working order and doing nothing. So dedicating a computer for bot purposes was not going to be a concern so neither of us ventured into this area of questioning.

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