Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Botting 101

As we resume our series on your first bot, let’s look at some of the reasons why a person would choose to let their first bot be a PRO bot.

  • I play contracted events and do not want to pay `retail’ prices for cards which I use.
  • I want to offer a greater inventory than what LITE or bulk bots typically offer.
  • I want to be able to trade `chase’ cards.
  • I wish to maximize my profits immediately and am willing to work for it.
As I mentioned previously, the same principles that govern computer usage when using a LITE bot also applies to a PRO bot.  No Skype, torrents, instant messaging, or anything which might pop up a window which could then interfere with the bot.

Do you have any special advice for those who wish to have their first bot be a PRO bot?

Make certain that your bot will be run 24/7.  Part-time PRO bots tend to fare poorly.

Make certain that you have a plentiful amount of tickets.  Why?  When one’s first bot is a LITE bot, you can effectively control how many available tickets you have.  If one has a PRO bot, it is very possible that some expensive cards come in and eat up your available liquid currency.  Let me give an example.

When Jace Beleren was in its prime, it was going for 40 tickets, give or take a few.  If one neglected to note this fact and set their bot to grab 4 of each card; one could have 175 tickets, and lose 160 of them in just 4 cards!  (Note: you’ve not lost money.  You will make a profit once the cards sell.  What you’ve lost is liquidity, not money.  I‘ll explain that in a future series.)

For this reason, I would recommend starting out with a LITE bot to build up an inventory.  However, if one already has a collection, then starting out with a PRO bot is acceptable.

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