Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Drafting invasion block

Invasion - Planeshift - Apocalypse is a legendary draft format, maybe because it was one of the two initial formats offered on Magic Online.

This is multicolor draft at its best. This is what Dragon's Maze wanted to be.

Here I will share the strategies that has worked for me in the past and tell you a little about the format.

You want to be the Grixis deck
Try to go UBR every time. That's it. You have now mastered IPA block draft. I am not kidding.

Grixis is just the color combination you want to be. The removal in black and red are off the charts. This is a set from a different age. Creatures will die all the time. You, the Grixis King, will be the one who is killing them.

What if you can't go Grixis?
Try to be Rakdos (BR) or Dimir (BU). You will still have excellent removal. Izzet (UR) could work but is not as strong as the other two.

Some other things to consider
  • Armadillo Cloak is a super strong card that you will have a hard time finding a deck for.
  • Gruul (GR) works.
  • UW Flyers is a deck in this format too, especially with splashed Armadillo Cloaks.
  • Five color green is a real strategy. Go base green, get mana fixing and bombs.
  • Three colors and 18 lands is a good idea in this format.

Good luck! The Flashback drafts begin today.

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