Friday, February 21, 2014

MTGO Library Bot 6.60

ML Bot 6.60 has just been released! The update fixes a bug with "Special Buddies". The bug gave them a discount on the Event Tickets, while the Event Tickets should not count as normal cards and should never be discounted.
ML Bot 6.60 includes also:

  • a more robust creation of the .csv, sometimes failing on slow computer when the "Save As" window does not appear immediately
  • a faster Buying Mode. If the wishlist already picked 400 items, the bot won't look for boosters (and it won't move the top filters to select "boosters/packs"
  • fixed a bug that caused the bot to select "TOKEN" while in trade. The bug happened when the bot tries to post a message on the Classified Board and clicks on the wrong scene

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