Friday, February 28, 2014

MTGO Library Bot 6.62 - improved Oversell Protection

ML Bot 6.62 is a major update adding a new feature: the Oversell Protection "Customerless".

We introduced the Oversell Protection in version 6.46 (January 26th). Briefly summarizing, the oversell protection is a set of rules that apply to customers that buy more than "x" copies of a certain card in a 24 hour period. It can be useful to protect your bots from someone buying all the copies of a certain card (for example to speculate on it). A user buying all the copies of a card is not necessarily a bad thing, but if you want an always stocked chain this could be annoying, especially when the prices of the cards move fast (such as during the Release Events).

Now, what happens if a customer has many accounts and simply change them to circumvent the protection? This is where the new option "customerless" comes into play.
You can basically tell your bot to sell a maximum of "X" copies of a certain card in 24h, regardless of the customers. This helps, for example, if you mispriced a card or if a sudden market change increase the value of a card and you are now selling it for cheap money.

Just pay attention that this mode can reduce your trades, so you may want to use but not ABUSE it :-) Sometimes it is just good to sell a card for cheap money, take a small profit and rotate the inventory than keeping the card in stock in the hope to sell it at its maximum price.

ML Bot 6.62 fixes also a minor problem with the Classified Message, a problem introduced in 6.61. The bot could post wrong cards on the first message (just the first time, the other messages are fine).

We also fixed a login problem happening on Windows XP - the bot could not recognize the "disconnect" message during the login.

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