Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The New Player Limited tournaments are nerfed

For a long time, the 4-man New Player Sealed Deck and the 4-man New Played Drafts have been the limited tournaments with the best EV on Magic Online. If you were a decent player, you could go infinite on these fairly easily. Not anymore. Starting today, the cost of the 4-man tournaments have increased from 1 Event Ticket + 1 New Player Ticket to 1 Event Ticket + 2 New Player Tickets without a corresponding prize increase.

It was probably too good  anyway. For some reason we get a truly horrid -EV Scheduled Sealed Deck tournament you can play for 5 New Player Tickets as well.

They also fixed the long-running Pauper bugs with the cards Oubliette and Kaervek's Torch. Finally.

Here is the announcement:

As a sidenote, the 4-man tournaments are still the best EV limited tournaments on Magic Online.

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