Sunday, February 23, 2014

Living the dream in Magic 2014 Limited

I have done a lot of M14 Phantom Sealed Deck events lately. They are the best + EV tournaments on Magic Online (if you are a better than average player) and they are very fun.

This time I managed to build a very ambitious deck, having the power of Angelic Accord + Bogbrew Witch + Bubbling Cauldron + Dark Prophecy + Festering Newt. Think about it. That is quite hard to beat.

The question that remains then is: Did I manage to do it?

Well, find our for yourself by watching the video below:

Here is the deck list: 10 Swamp 7 Plains 1 Haunted Plate Mail 1 Celestial Flare 1 Sentinel Sliver 1 Auramancer 2 Pacifism 1 Bonescythe Sliver 1 Minotaur Abomination 2 Mark of the Vampire 1 Siege Mastodon 1 Dark Prophecy 1 Liturgy of Blood 1 Capashen Knight 1 Blood Bairn 1 Griffin Sentinel 1 Deathgaze Cockatrice 1 Bogbrew Witch 1 Corpse Hauler 1 Angelic Accord 1 Bubbling Cauldron 1 Festering Newt 1 Sengir Vampire Follow my YouTube channel at for more M14 goodies.

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