Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Mirage Block Flashback Drafts

Do you recognise this card? You should. It is the #1 expensive card on MTGO, but it will not remain in that position for long. Why? Because it is a promo, a very likely reprint in Vintage Masters and it is getting flashbackdrafted today.

That is right. Mirage Block Drafts! Happening on Magic Online today.

If you get a LED, sell it immediatly IMHO.

So how do you win the MI/VI/WL drafts? Well, I have some experience doing just that when they were drafted last time (October 2012). Here is what I learned:

  • Everyone Thinks GR is the best archetype. It isn't. But be aware of this!
  • Many games will go to time, so be sure to be quick on Magic Online!
  • Blue is overpowered as was often the case with the old sets
  • Do not play more than two colors.
  • Blue-White flyers is a good deck
  • Blue-Black control works wonders.
  • Crypt Rats and Kaervek's Torch are really good cards, but you want to be Blue Black and not Blue Red if you can help it.
  • Evasion wins games. It is not hard to clog the ground so the RG beasts can't get in.
  • Do not draft RG unless it is severely underdrafted. It will most likely be overdrafted as everyone wants to get in on the Torch action.
  • You have to know all the tricks you can do with a Quirion Ranger, even if you are not playing a green deck yourself.
  • Blue tempo works extremely well thanks to Undo and Man-o-War.
  • Breezekeeper, Azimaet Drake and Cloud Elemental win games.

Money cards to look for

Money rares: Lion's Eye Diamond, Cursed Totem, Phyrexian Dreadnaught, Vampiric Tutor, Mox Diamond, Null Rod, Firestorm, Doomsday, Natural Order, Undiscovered Paradise
Money Commons: Crypt Rats, Impulse, Fireblast, Quirion Ranger, Spinning Darkness

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