Sunday, March 9, 2014

Why Fetchlands are likely to be reprinted, possibly in Magic 2015

Fetchlands are an extremely dangerous investment right now. They are very likely to be reprinted and possibly soon. Ithink they will be reprinted within two years from now and I think the most likely set to reprint them in is Magic 2015.
Here is why:

  1. The cost of Fetchlands are a barrier of entry into the Modern format
  2. Only enemy color Fetchlands in Modern makes no sense
  3. Great replacement for Shocks in Standard for a year
  4. A set with Fetchlands (even only five of them) would be a great financial success for WOTC
  5. Three months of Modern mana in Standard would make everyone happy
  6. It is very likely that we will return to Zendikar soon. Kiora's story is one hint.

See my full line of reasoning in this video:

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