Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What about an investment bank

The "idea of today" is a provocation, especially after the huge credit crunch and all the issues connected with the banks.

What if Magic Online had a "Bank", a place where you can deposit your tixs and get a profit at the end of year / at the end of the month? It would operate more or less like a normal Bank (save for it won't borrow money) and would invest in Magic Online or in the real world Magic to get a return.

You could pay everything in Magic Online without having to host the tixs on your account, because the Bank would automatically guarantee for you and eventually transfer the funds.
A kind of "electronic money" in an already virtual world

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  1. Please follow up on this, I am very interested, but I'm concerned it will breach the Frank Dodd monstrosity. Could you research that for us?