Saturday, November 14, 2015

The decks Power_T submitted to the Pauper Gauntlet S03

The Pauper Gauntlet Open Deck Submission is going on right now. Check it out here:

You can submit a deck until noon GMT+2 November 17th 2015. Hurry! Hurry! Because has problem handling too many comments (it worked fine last year) you can now also submit your decks in the comments to this article. Please do read the original article first

Power_T is a player who has been quite important for my magic career. Lets see;  He built UB Trinket Control which was the first deck played on my YouTube channel. He taught me Magic back in the Viking Age. He coached me into winning Nationals. He is my buddy and co-host of the podcast Game of Thrones Chat.

Yes, I do a podcast about Game of Thrones with Power_T. You can find it here:

On top of all that the guy is also one of the recurring brewers in the Pauper Gauntlet.

This year he has submitted three decks and none of the decks that he submitted last year (!).

These are his three deck and his own words about them. Power_T, you have the mic!

Background: For followers of the Pauper Gauntlet, Azorius Kitty (AZK) is a familiar deck. Last year two different versions was included in it. I used to play this deck a lot but then I stopped. Part of the reason for that was that I felt that other decks had evolved, grown stronger, making AZK relatively weaker.Therefore I decided to change my version of AZK as well, as you can see from the decklist. If I actually succeeded in making it better, well I guess I am not really sure.

22 Lands: 2 Azorius Chancery, 2 Azorius Guildgate, 1 Halimar Depths, 8 Island, 2 Kabira Crossroads, 3 plains, 4 Tranquil Cove
19 Creatures: 4 Dream Stalker, 4 Kor Skyfisher, 3 Lone Missionary, 4 Sunscape Familiar, 4 Mulldrifter
20 spells: 4 Counterspell, 4 Journey to Nowhere, 2 Prophetic Prism, 4 Spreading Seas, 3 Reality Acid, 2 Capsize, 1 Deep Analysis

15 SB: 2 Hydroblast, 2 COP: Green, 2 Last Breath, 2 Reprisal, 3 Negate, 3 Holy Light, 1 Deep Analysis

SB plan
Affinity -1 deep, -1 acid, -1 prism, -1 capsize+2 hydro, +2 reprisal
(UB)(Turbo) Angler -1 missionary, -1 acid -4 familiar, +3 negate, +2 reprisal, +1 deep
Boroskitty -1 journey, -1 lone missionary, -1 sunscape familiar, -1 stalker, +2 last breath, +2 hydroblast (not sure about this plan)
Burn -4 journey, -2 acid, -1 deep, +2 hydro, +3 negate, +2 last breath
Delver -3 acid, -2 capsize, -2 missionary, -1 stalker, +1 deep, +3 holy light, +2 last breath, +2 negate
Delverfiend +2 hydro, +2 last breath, +2 reprisal, +2 negate, +1 deep, -3 acid, -2 capsize, -4 familiar
Elves -3 missionary, -2 journey, +3 holy light, +2 last breath
(UWB) Familiars -3 missionary, -1 deep, -1 stalker, -3 journey, +2 last breath, +3 holy light, +3 negate,
(Turbo) Fog/Mill -4 journey, +3 negate, +1 deep
Goblins -1 deep, -3 acid, -1 familiar, +2 hydro, +3 holy light
GW Hexproof -4 journey, -3 missionary, -1 deep, +2 COP: Green, +3 holy light, +3 negate
MBC -2 familiar, +1 deep, +1 last breath
Stompy -1 deep, -1 acid, +2 COP: Green (Not sure here)
G Tron -3 missionary, +1 deep, +2 reprisal
RUG Tron -3 missionary, -1 deep, +2 negate, +2 reprisal
UB Control (some creatures) -3 missionary, -1 familiar, +3 negate, +1 deep

UB Control (no creatures) -4 journey, +3 negate, +1 deep

Gary Busey LD
Background: The inspiration for this deck was the monoblack LD deck showcased in last years Pauper Gauntlet. 
Name: Originally the name was BR Flashback. Then I saw a clip where actor Gary Busey goes ”We'll be back in a flash with more of this thrash”. So I changed the deck to Gary Busey LD.Playing the deck: You can beat anything as long as they don't draw enough lands. You can also lose to anything if they do draw enough lands. The deck is no powerhouse but it does ok.I like playing the deck because it is different and, well, it is mine. Some people will hate you for playing LD. If you can't deal with that, don't play this deck.
Link to the gary busey clip (Check it out at 3.45):

22 land: 1 mountain, 5 swamp, 2 radiant fountain, 4 rakdos carnarium, 4 bloodfell caves, 3 bojuka bog, 3 terramorphic expanse
14 creatures: 4 cuombaij witches, 2 crypt rats, 4 phyrexian rager, 4 chittering rats
25 spells: 4 firebolt, 4 dark ritual, 3 unearth, 4 chainers edict, 4 rancid earth, 2 stone rain, 4 earth rift

15 SB: 1 unearth, 3 gorilla shaman, 3 pyroblast, 1 pestilence, 3 oubliette, 4 gary

Affinity: -10 LD, -2 cuombaij,  +1 unearth, +3 gorilla shaman, + 1 pestilence, +3 oubliette, +4 gary
(Random) Aggro: -9 LD (keep 1 rancid), +1 unearth, +1 pestilence, +3 oubliette, +4 gary
Boros Cyborg: -10 LD, +2 gorilla shaman, +1 unearth, +3 oubliette, +4 gary
Boroskitty: -2 Stone Rain, -4 Rancid Earth, +3 Gorilla Shaman, +1 Unearth, +2 Gary. (Not sure about this plan)
R Burn: -4 chainer's, -4 firebolt,+4 gary, +1 pestilence, +1 unearth, +2 oubliette
Delver: -10 LD, +3 pyroblast, +1 pestilence, +3 oubliette, +3 gary
Delverfiend: -10 LD, +3 pyroblast, +1 pestilence, +3 oubliette, +1 unearth, +2 gary
Elves: -4 earth rift, -2 stone rain, -2 rancid earth, +3 oubliette, +1 pestilence, +1 unearth, +3 gary
Esper Familiars: -4 chittering rats, +3 pyroblast, +1 pestilence
Goblins: = Random aggro
Kuldotha Jeskai: -4 cuombaijj, -2 stone rain, +3 gorilla shaman, +3 gary
Hexproof (Bogles): -4 firebolt, +1 pestilence, +1 unearth, +2 gary
Izzet Control: -10 LD, -2 cuombaij, +3 pyroblast, +1 unearth, +1 pestilence, +3 oubliette, +4 gary
MBC: -4 cuombaij, +1 unearth, +3 gary
Stompy: = Random aggro
Tron (G): -4 cuombaij, +3 oubliette, +1 unearth,
Tron (RUG): -4 cuombaij, -4 firebolt, +3 oubliette, +2 gary, +3 pyroblast

Ugw Turbomill: -4 chainer's, -2 crypt rats, -2 firebolt, +3 pyroblast, +4 gary, +1 pestilence

Pig Trinket
As you may know, I used to play a lot of UB Trinket. Eventually I stopped though. I guess I grew a little tired of the deck. Then I saw Dan play a deck in the Pauper Gauntlet called BUGs and Pigs.I liked that deck, so I started playing it, as well as tinkering with the list. Then someone wrote in a comment to one of Dan's videos that I was playing a combination of BUGs and Pigs and UB Trinket. My first thought was ”No, I don't!”. My second thought was ”why don't I?”. So I tried it, and it worked pretty well. At first it was hard to figure out the mana base, but I solced that pretty quickly.The biggest problem was another one though: I had gotten it into my head that I needed Land Destruction in the SB to beat Tron, so I had 7 or 8 of those in the Sideboard for a long time. This meant that I did not have enough good sb cards against a lot of other decks. In this version the deck did well but not great. So I decided to replace the LD in the SB with other stuff. The deck then started running much better. I also realized that I could beat Tron even without LD.In fact, the matchup is somewhat favorable! The worst matchup is instead Burn, where I am a big underdog game 1. I sideboard heavily for game 2 and 3 though, so for the whole match it is about 50-50.

21 lands: 2 forest, 2 island, 5 swamp, 2 bojuka bog, 2 jungle hollow, 2 thornwood falls, 2 simic growth chamber, 2 terramorphic expanse, 1 tree of tales, 1 vault of whispers
22 creatures: 4 fume spitter, 4 sakura-tribe elder, 3 crypt rats, 3 trinket mage, 2 brindle boar, 4 mulldrifter, 2 krosan tusker
17 spells: 2 execututioners capsule, 3 tragic slip, 2 undying evil, 2 sylvok lifestaff, 4 chainer's edict, 2 grim harvest, 2 deep analysis,

15 SB cards: 2 nihil spellbomb, 1 brindle boar, 1 deep analysis, 3 wickerbough elder, 1 crypt rats, 3 nature's claim, 4 duress

The sideboard plan is secret just like UB Trinket Control's SB plan is. Dan has it, though.


  1. Power_T, what is the best strategy for beating Tron in general, and for MBC specifically? I see 2 or 3 Choking Sands in many MBC sideboards. But from my experience this doesn't work at all, since with Expedition Map they'll be able to get all four Urza's lands faster than I can destroy them.

  2. Attacking their lands certainly seems like a good plan. Gary Busey LD and Counter-Kitty are both good vs Tron. There are probably other ways to beat them as well, but LD certainy seems like the simplest and most effective method. Some kind of combo deck might be fine too, since Tron usually don't have much disruption (main deck anyway) and their clock is kinda slow. There aren't many good combo decks in pauper though. As for MBC, I agree that 2 or 3 Choking Sands are not enough. You probably need like 7 or 8 LD in the SB to beat them, and that does not leave room for much else in there. /Power_T

  3. Wow, I can no longer comment on the other article. Blue Bichinho enters the Pauper Gauntlet as deck #58

  4. Has anyone actually submitted Delver? It would be a crime to have the pauper gauntlet without the best deck...

    1. No, there are several high tier decks that are not submitted yet. The problem with the comments is pretty big as well. I know Carnuz just submitted a Stompy list but I can't find the comment

    2. I think you should at least submit delver if no one wants to submit it. It really is the defining pauper deck,

  5. Hey, Carnuz here! Rremedio just told me that blogger ate my comment! I guess that I should get into twitter! lol
    This is my list, as I told you, i'm rewritting the sideboard plan:

  6. OK, 16 hours left. Here is a batch update:
    emur Freed Combo, Ivy Combo & Orzhov Tron is on Hold and will be in the vote. As more decks are needed, Extort Control and Green Grifters also moves up to being on Hold. WW Soul Tokens enters the Pauper Gauntlet as deck #60. Bant Fog enters as deck #61 (please add SB plan and instructions in the same page as the link). Stompy Tokens is deck #62.
    Galactic President is the captain of Burn.
    Esper Familiars is still an orphan without a captain and will play with last year's list unless someone submits the deck.
    No more Dimir, Mono Black or Sultai decks please.

  7. Decks on hold going to the vote on Wednesday: Darker Ping, Tortured Toolbox, Glass Cannon Red, Suicide Black, BG Ivy Combo, Mono Green Ramp LD, Temur Freed Combo, Orzhov Tron, Extort Control, Green Grifters,

  8. This is a deck I have been trying for a while and it is great fun to play! It is essentially the living end deck in pauper. However, insted of using living end it uses exhume to reanimate the creatures that you cycle. The link to the deck (and sideboard plan) can be found here:
    (I am Mr Small btw)

    1. I am really tired of the Songs of the Damned lists we had in S01 and S02 so I am happy you did not use that. I will cry the first time I Exhume my opponent's Mulldrifter. You have hit the #1 thing with a good Pauper Gauntlet submission: Fun! This deck looks really fun! Living End (that is the name we have to use) enters the Pauper Gauntlet as deck #66

  9. Power_T, I was so close in guessing your changes! I did not see the nature's claims coming in. This deck will soon be in my hands as a paper deck. i like it so much I traded a lot of stuff to get it.

  10. Dan, as a patreon and your bro, I submit Bant Slivers!

    I am working on a SB plan and it is in the comments to the deck. I will complete it asap

  11. Oh yeah, I had the wrong link to the evil allies deck, it was a little outdated. Here is the new link

    1. That was the link I had in my excel sheet :)

  12. i also, have a more traditional slivers deck with fairly extensive (kind of outdated) sideboard.

    I have always liked this one more, its pretty straight forward.

    1. I feel the Selesnya list is more consistent (important for an aggro deck) and that Distant Melody is only a win-more card in Slivers (if you have enough Slivers to make it better than Deep Analysis you are already winning). I will go with the Selesnya build with the great SB plan. It is in as deck #63. The bant Slivers list and the other Slivers deck submitted two hours after this are both out.

  13. More decks from me Sam the Vaultboyhunter
    Most have sideboard plans, for the ones that don't I will build one if the deck gets picked.

    Persistently Undying

    1 Land Spy

    Thunder Trees

    Esper Value

    For last minute choices.

    Also I would love to see Tortured Toolbox and Glass Cannon Red in the gauntlet, so everyone please vote for them!!

    1. I will say NO to Esper Value and put 1-land-spy and Persistently Undying in the vote tomorrow. Regarding Thunder Trees I feel it is quite similar to Abzan Grindhouse (or was it another Tree list?) and I will give it a NO unless otherwise convinced

    2. OK, I needed one more deck for the vote so Thunder Trees is in the vote.

  14. Hours remain!
    Good old classic beatdown!

    1. Hi, Mike! This is too similar to Mono Green Ramp LD that is going into the vote tomorrow so I have to say no to this list. Sorry about that.

  15. More stuff to fill gaps in the submission. Feel free to approve or decline at will. I will make plans for any accepted deck.

    Rug Tron

    5 Color Green


    Icy Hot Hottie

    Azorius Kitty

    Eye candy

    Turbo Angler


    1. I have already submitted MBC, and it was accepted.

    2. I must have missed it. I just wanted to make sure a powerhouse of the format didn't get missed, and I'm sure your build is way way better.

    3. I am going to say NO to Icy Hot Hottie, AzKitty and 5 color Green as I have to make the Gauntlet different from earlier seasons. Those decks had their time in the sun and I don't want all decks from previous seasons to automatically make it into new seasons. That honor is reserved for the top 10 decks.

    4. Regarding the extremely late tier 1 submissions, I don't see how I can refuse them. We were so close to having a Pauper Gauntlet without a lot of tier 1 decks. I should not have said anything. One of the winners can be in there. Make the SB plans please. (Also to clarify what I mean with tier 1 since the sample size on Goldfish is so small now, a tier 1 deck is a deck that has at some point been among the top 5 decks in the format)

    5. Delver makes it into the third season of the Pauper Gauntlet as the 67th deck approved...

    6. RUG Tron, Turbo Angler and DelverFiend make it into the Gauntlet as deck 68-70

    7. I need one more deck for the vote so 5-color Green is now in the vote as well.

    8. hey dan!

      would you mind if i submit a different delver list?

      no worries if its against the rules, i just don't like some of the card choices in that list.

  16. I'd like to submit "Goblin Storm Combo"

    This list can draw your whole deck as soon as turn 3! T1 tapland, T2 Goblin Electromancer, T3 Draggon Fodder + Krenkos Command + Battle Hymn + Manamorphose + Distant Melodies.. from here it is possible to chain together rituals and draw spells and Manamophose to draw your whole deck and win with Goblin Bushwhacker.

    There is a "show more" button on the website with a sideboard guide. However because everyone builds their decks slightly differently I encourage you to deviate if it feels right.

    1. After goldfishing the deck a few more times I feel like the Rites of Initiation in the sideboard should be swapped for one of the maindeck Goblin Bushwhacker.

    2. Main Deck: +1 Rites of Initiation -1 Goblin Bushwhacker
      Side Board: +1 Goblin Bushwhacker -1 Rites of Initiation

    3. OMG! This deck looks scary! I like it! I will not make any change to the deck. Once I build it (I have not yet) the list is locked in stone and the only thing that can be changed is the SB plan and the play instructions. Looks like a lot of fun! This deck is #65 in the third season of the Pauper Gauntlet.

    4. More play instructions and mulligan tips would be appreciated

  17. GoFish

    1. That deck has no empty spot on the mono blue MUC-Tricks-Delver-Bichinho scale so I will have to say no to that

  18. Here's the updated burn list with SB plan as promised!

    5 color green definitely has to be in the Gauntlet! I'm also voting for Midnight Combo and Glass Cannon Red to be part of this.

    1. The vote will be tomorrow in a separate article. Thanks for the update for Burn

  19. Dan, you asked for more Blastoderm. This is a fun list from LordSaturn.

    1. I called for the Blastoderm and it revealed itself in all its glory. This deck is deck #64 in the third season of the Pauper Gauntlet.

  20. Open Deck Submission has now closed. No more submissions please. A vote for the decks on hold will start tomorrow here on mtgolibrary and the full lists of decks will be presented on Sunday. Round 1 will also start on Sunday.

  21. That's it. 71 decks in. 14 decks are going to the vote tomorrow. Good luck, brewers!

  22. Whelp, I realize this is late, but I'll post it anyways. Hope you enjoy looking at it. It's a RB Reanimator Control deck I just top 8'd the Pauper Classic Tuesday with. Good luck with the Gauntley, Dan. Love you content, keep up the cool stuff :)

    1. I am sorry to say that you are in fact too late. Sorry about that

  23. IGN patou454

    Green Land Destruction Ramp

    Green ramp, land destruction and CRUSHERS.
    Game plan is to ramp into LD by turns 2 and 3..and beyond.
    Use the Elf and wall's for mana.
    [[Llanowar Sentinel]] is an army in a bottle. 5 mana = 2 sentinels, 7 mana = 3 sentinels, 9 mana = 4 sentinels
    Follow up with a steady stream of [[Aurochs Herd]] and the finishing touch of the CRUSHER.
    Nylea's Disciple keeps our health up.
    Haunted Frengraf brings back our big beater's who bravely fought to death.

    1. I did reply, you had to "load more" to see the replies though which was pretty confusing. Your deck is in the vote being held today and tomorrow here on Make sure you vote!