Sunday, April 17, 2016

Hidden Card Error - changes

Hidden Card Error handles any situation where a player screws up and the error can't be corrected using publicly known information. This includes situations where a player draws two cards when they were supposed to draw one, drawing too many cards for your opening hand, scrying 2 when you were supposed to scry 1 and more. In the past, some of these situations were fixed with a Game Loss. Starting with Shadows over Innistrad prerelease almost all of them are given Warnings instead. In addition to the Warning, you're required to reveal all cards from the hidden zone that now contains the cards/information that should have been revealed. Your opponent then selects a number of excess cards or unverifiable cards and those cards are returned to the proper zone. If that proper zone is the library, the selected cards are shuffled back in.

 Practical examples:

  • You draw eight cards for your initial hand. You reveal your hand, your opponent shuffles one card back into your library, and then you continue with your mulligan decision.
  • You put a card into your hand using Dark Confdiant ability, but you forgot to reveal it. You reveal your hand instead and your opponent chooses a card. Then, you loose life equal to its convereted mana cost.
  • You looked at seven cards while casting Collected Company. You reveal those seven cards and your opponent selects one to be shuffled back into the library. Afterwards, you choose up to two creature cards and put them into play.

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