Sunday, February 12, 2017

Splitting prizes

Players have an option to split future prizes anywise. Usually, it means to split prizes in a half. According to the rule book the agreements on the result and prizes must be done independently (there is one exception: Top round of tournament). So none of them are influenced by the other. What does it mean? Take a look at some examples:

Player A: I have better ties, even if you win this match, you won’t get a prize.
Player B: I will let you win, but I want something for this favor.

In this scenario, player B is committing bribery. He is asking for a reward if he concedes a game. How should it be done correctly?

Player B: Do you want to share any prizes that we may get?
Player A: Okay
Player B: Then I concede this match.

In this way, the prizes are not a compensation for the result.

Let's analyze another hypothetical situation where the prize is a flight ticket to a bigger evet.
Player B: I cannot go to the tournament. So, I'm taking all other prizes and you are keeping the ticket.

Again, Player B is committing bribery. You cannot talk about prizes that are outside the tournament when you split prizes, even though it is the final match. How could Player B struggle out of it?
Player B:  I can't attend to this bigger event..
Player B:  But, I want to go there.
Player A: Okay, take it so you can enjoy it.
Player B: That's really nice of you. I will give you the rest of prizes for being so nice.

Scenario number 3:
Player B: I’m generous, so please concede the match and then we can talk it through.

Player B is beating about bush, but everyone knows what he is suggesting. It is definately bribery.

Scenario number 4:
Time is running out and current state of board results in draw. Both players won't qualify for the top8, then.
Player B: Let's coss a coin. Head I won, tail you did.

You just can't do it!

Each bribery leads to disqualification. Player A must warn a judge right away, otherwise he will be disqualifed too. I know, that the difference often is very slightly, but be conscious of such rules. Watch what you say, especially during event to players you don't know.

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