Sunday, March 5, 2017

Modern Masters 2017

Wizards of the Coast revealed the full Modern Masters 2017 spoiler. A set filled with some of the most desirable cards in the prohibitively expensive Modern format. Just about every archetype and deck received some attention in this set - even the Legacy format got a little love. What is more, it will be an unlimited print run, so it will outsell any previous Masters set. As a result, cards will drop in value even stronger. However, it is not a time for a evaluation of the set in terms of Limited format play or the impact on the market. We can take a look at something immediately noticeable instead. The high amount of rarity downshifts compared to rarity upshifts. Downshifts are particulaty intresting due to affect on Pauper format.  The most significant downgrades for Pauper format: Magma Jet, Burning-Tree Emissary, Mortician Beetle, Thunderous Wrath and Augur of Bolas. Will be a metagame redefined? We will find out soon.

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