Sunday, April 30, 2017

Amonkhet: impact on Modern format

Some cards from Amonkhet that may find a home in Modern format.

As Foretold - generates a lot of mana and value, but it is slow. Nonetheless, some control deck may find it very useful, especially to cast immiedately Ancestral Vision or Restore Balance for free. Frankly, it will be the only use of this card or none.

Censor - a counterspell that can be cycled away for something else in a longer game. This card is efficient in early game, but the truth is that opponent only needs to wait one turn to play around Censor. It looses value much quicker than Mana Leak. However, cycling effect makes a difference and in my opinion this card may be a 2-off.

Manglehorn - this card will replace Reclamation Sage. A new tool for Chord of Calling. Kismet effect is a good answer against Affinity, Thoper combo or Eggs.

Gideon of the Trials - if it sees play it will be Ad Nauseam deck. Emblem you can't lose the game + Ad Nauseam = profit. Gideon is an alternate win condition. Worth noting is that the +1 is very good against decks that only have one threat at a time, yes I'm looking at you Infect.

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