Saturday, September 16, 2017

Magic the Gathering: Arena

Last week, Wizards of the Coast officially unveiled its latest game: Magic the Gathering: Arena. The Arena will not replace or compete with Magic Online - the target audience is beginner players, people playing budget or casual. The game will be released in the form of free to play with optional micro payments. It will focus on Standard legal cards only.

MTG Arena is still in the Pre-Alpha version, but even at this early stage, the developers have big plans and ambitions for its development. On the stream, we had the opportunity to see the prototype of this new digital vision of MTG, in which streamers Amaz and Gaby Spartz played a few matches in front of the spectators with a decks containing some previously unspoilered cards from the upcoming expansion - Ixalan. Game modes that are currently predicted are constructed, ranked and draft. The gameplay will be melding of Magic Online and Magic Duels. The game is designed in Unity, so sooner or later it will appear on tablets and other mobile devices. However, the beta will only be available on PC.

You may sign up for the Closed Beta at

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