Sunday, November 5, 2017

Grand Prix changes

Starting with January 2018, the number of rounds on Day One of any Grand Prix is changing, as is the cut to make Day Two. All Constructed events will have eight rounds on Day One and you need to go at least 6-2 in order to qualify to Day Two where you will play next seven rounds. As a reminder not long ago we needed 7-2 result and later it was shifted to 6-3.

For individual Limited events, Day One will still be nine rounds played with Sealed decks. However, there will be a cut after round 8. All players that didn't score at least 6-2 are eliminated. Then, all remaining players will play round 9 with their Sealed deck and continue competition in Day Two.

The participation promo card at GPs for the first half of 2018 will be Mutavault.

In my opinion, cutting one round is good move. Day One will be shorter. Staying focus and performing at your best level for nine rounds was a tough task.

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