Sunday, December 10, 2017

Silver-bordered cards legal in EDH!

A week ago I wrote about Un-set finance and we came to conclusion, that only basic lands are keeping any value and rest of cards is worthless. However, within a week a lot can change. Wizards only have to announce revolutionary rules change, that silver-bordered cards are legal in EDH and Un-set finance are turned upside down. No, it is not a joke. Silver-bordered cards are legal in Commander until January 15th (the date of the next banned and restricted announcement). It is not a surpise, that prices spiked. Some cards are banned from the start: Ashnod's Coupon, Double Cross, Double Deal, Double Dip, Double Play, Double Take, Enter the Dungeon, Magical Hacker, Mox Lotus, Once More With Feeling, R&Ds Secret Lair, Richard Garfield, Staying Power, Time Machine. And some are recommended not to use: Ach! Hans, Run!, Collector Protector, Incoming, Infernal Spawn of Infernal Spawn of Evil, Johnny, Combo Player, Mirror, Mirror Topsy Turvy, Yet Another Aether Vortex and Gotcha wording cards.

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