Sunday, March 18, 2018

Dominaria release notes leaks

A massive leak about of incoming set took place. It had already spread through the MTG community like wildfire, so Wizards couldn't have done anything but confirm the leak.

Though no actual card images will be released until the official spoiler season begins, the Release Notes contain text from over 100 new and returning cards, including Icy Manipulator, Verdant Force, Siege-Gang Commander, Goblin Warchief, Llanowar Elves and cycle of enemy-color dual lands

What also went public?

  • Every Dominaria booster pack will contain at least one legendary creature. They will be accommodated by a special slot in each pack, similar to the way double-faced cards appeared in every pack of Shadows Over Innistrad. 
  • Dominaria debuts legendary sorcery cards These powerful spells can be unleashed only with the assistance of a legendary creature or planeswalker on your side of the battlefield. Remember, all planeswalker received errata to be legendary with the release of Ixalan.
  • The Dominaria set introduces a new subtype of enchantment: Sagas. When they enter the battlefield and each turn thereafter, players add Lore counters to their Sagas, then activate abilities based on the number of counters on the Saga.
  • Returning Keyword: Kicker
  • Rules Change: damage can't be redirected to Planeswalkers. Previously, you could redirect noncombat damage that a source you control would deal to an opponent, having that source instead deal that damage to one of their planeswalkers. With the release of the Dominaria set, this rule is being removed from the game. 

The Dominaria set becomes legal for sanctioned Constructed play on its official release date: Friday, April 27, 2018.

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