Sunday, June 10, 2018

Mana Fixers in Limited

The newest mana fixer is Navigator's Compass. It gives you 3 life and it may turn your one land into another untill end of turn.
It fixes your mana, but it costs you a card, what in this case is treated as a card disaventage. In other words, it doesn't replace itself or trade with an opposing card, in contrast to a card like Prophetic Prism which replaces itself while fixing your mana and is therefore usually a card you should play. As a general rule, you should not play with Navigator's Compass or other mana fixers that leave you down a card.

An exception to this rule is when you desperately need any mana fixer, because you are playing 3 or more colors. Another example is synergy with the card. For instance, if your deck is both full of “historic matters” cards and deficient in historic cards to turn on all these historic matters cards, then sometimes it's correct to play the Navigator's Compass.

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